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Who We Are

Convexum is an Expert ICT Solutions and Services provider. Our passion lies within our ability to make our customers happy, and to provide the best solutions for the worst problems in IT at competitive prices.

What We Do

Utilizing our 20+ years of experience, we provide IT solutions, software, hardware ensuring saving of costs, future proofing, and business resiliency.











Our Solutions

Convexum Provides a Full Suite of IT Solutions

Built Specifically to Assist With Business Excellence

Gain efficiency, visibility, availability, save costs and get secure and compliant today!


Whether you are looking to license or renew software for your computers, your servers or your general infrastructure and environment, we offer the best solutions at competitive pricing.


We have a wide range of hardware available, on both a small and large scale. We offer end user devices, servers, storage and other hardware to fit your infrastructure, business or personal needs.


We offer cloud-hosted solutions should you not have the infrastructure, resources, support to allow flexibility, mobility of your data or you need other forms of disaster recovery and loss prevention..


It is becoming vital to work remotely or conduct business on mobile devices. With our mobility solutions, visibility, security and management of your mobile devices becomes a breeze.

Convexum  provides all-inclusive IT services

Compiled using top techniques and workflow processes.

As the Authorised Training partner on Veritas and Symantec we offer training solutions as well

Our Services

Technical Support

Our technical support team is available to assist with any tech-related queries and support of your environment – both remotely and onsite.

Installation and Implementation

Convexum provides onsite as well as remote software and hardware installation and implementations.

Infrastructure Assessments

We perform health and data analysis of your current IT infrastructure to establish the status of your systems and collect data to determine what needs to be repaired or replaced.

Internet of Things

IoT is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables different devices to interconnect and exchange data.

IT Auditing

The Convexum IT audit involves a full examination and evaluation of your company’s existing IT infrastructure to assist in analysing the management control and processes.


We deliver standard training at the Training Partner classrooms in your region, at the customer site and even remotely.

Why Convexum

Other than our work ethic and business morals, we strive in delivering the best possible services and solutions to become your IT provider of choice. We maintain and grow relationships with our customers to ensure the best possible support is administered.


20+ Years in the industry with a vast amount of knowledge and experience.

Business Continuity

Making sure your business is running as efficiently as possible and minimising downtime also saving you money.


We specialise in the products and solutions we provide and are at some of the highest levels of certification.

Pre – Intra – Post Sales

Service delivery is one of our top priorities and we make sure it is known, working cooperatively with you throughout.

Business Partnerships

Strong relationships with suppliers and vendors allowing pricing negotiation when needed or budget discussions where required.

Solution Building

Develop solutions based on your needs and requirements, using the best products and techniques on the market.

Project Management

We develop IT strategies with our customers and make sure they are executed correctly and efficiently.


Convexum stays up to date with our customers’ environment to monitor the slightest change for maximum efficiency.


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