ESET Full Disk Encryption

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By encrypting data on your endpoints, you can meet the demands of data protection laws

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Comply with data protection regulations like POPI, PCI and others
Monitor encryption on user machines remotely
Protect company data with a simple yet powerful solution
Encrypt system disks, partitions or entire drives
Manage from ESET Cloud Administrator and ESET Security Management Center
Deploy, activate and encrypt devices in a single action

Flexible licensing

A separate license key gives you freedom to purchase encryption for only as many devices as you need.

Add additional devices at any time

You can increase the number of devices covered by your license at any time.

Add to your existing endpoint solution

Add-on feature
ESET Full Disk Encryption can be purchased only as an addition to a new or existing ESET business solution license. If you are an existing ESET business customer, please contact your local reseller.

Supported operating systems
Microsoft Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

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