GDPR And POPI Assessments

Convexum can assist in analyzing your environment to identify personal information that you may or may not know it contains.

Strategic Planning

We assist in putting long term strategy in place, that consists of cost cutting, business continuity, future proofing , ease of maintenance and ease of administration, or completely take over your IT environment.

Partnering With POPI and GDPR Specialists

We can help you understand what is required, through training and information sessions and the implications of non-compliance from a local perspective.

Data Management Solutions

Using the top techniques and data software  at competitive prices , Convexum can assist in putting provisions and policies in place, to ensure that you stay compliant, and that your data is protected from loss or damage, which may include disaster recovery – Our solutions also constantly classify your data and guide you in becoming more efficient, saving storage, saving costs, saving you resources and moving you into the future.

Security Solutions

To ensure compliance and protection from external and malicious internal sources, we use Gartner quadrant recommended software that will protect your environment going forward giving you piece of mind.

Let us help you stay or become compliant
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General Data Protection Regulation is a European legislation that was designed to reinforce laws that protect personal and private information of individuals. It was implemented on the 25th of May 2018. The regulation states that companies are expected to limit the processing, and collect only the data that is necessary, in a transparent and lawful manner and may not keep said data once the processing purpose is complete. The subjects have the right to request the information the company has processed of theirs, what the company does with it, and has rights to request deletion or change of that data. Any company or group that processes ANY form of information of European residents must comply, and non compliance can result in fines up to €20 million or 4% of their annual turnover.

Protection of Personal Information Act is similar and requires a business to regulate every step of how they process personal information, from the moment it is processed, to the moment it is destroyed. It is a South African based regulation aligning us to international data protection laws. It is not yet enforceable but is expected to be implemented mid to late 2019. Companies with employees, customers, suppliers, business partners that process or are in possession of the personal information are required to comply. Yes, this does include you.